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Ferris & Associates, LLC
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About Us

Ferris & Associates is a recruiting firm that works with companies nationwide in the Information Technology area, and we are always looking for talented and professional people.

Ferris & Associates is a company who offers:

  1. Professional Search Services (permanent and contracting)
  2. Small dynamic firm
  3. Experts in Informational Technology, Sales and Management.
  4. Work with recruiters and companies nationwide as a member of the Top Echelon Recruiter Network (700 recruiters and 2,500 job opportunities)
  5. The ownership has 28 years in Corporate Business Management Experience and a MBA in Marketing Management
  6. Our fees are charged to the company, not the candidates.

You may be a great match for one of our job searches and we would let you know. Also, with your approval, we could research our Top Echelon Company database (2,500 job opportunities) to see if your qualifications are a match to the current openings. Finally, from 28 years of corporate management networking, we move quality candidates in front of senior hiring managers (with your approval).

Finding the match between a Quality Company and the Professional Candidate is a partnership built on open 2-way communication and trust. If you are looking to advance your career, make a move, relocate to a different part of the country or find a challenging opportunity then send us a email back and attach your resume as a Word Document. Thank you for your time and we would enjoy working with you.

Is your company looking for a recruiter?

Ferris & Associates would like to be of assistance to you and your company.  You need quality talent to reach your goals and we are experts at securing that talent. Here are a few things we offer you:
28 years Corporate Busienss Management Experience
MBA in Marketing Management
Professional Search Services (permanent and contracting)
TQM Individualized job searches conducted to guarantee quality results
Personalized job searches to fit your needs
Small firm (2 full time professionals)
Experts in MIS - Sales - Management
Work with recruiters and candidates nationwide as a member of the Top Echelon Recruiter Network (700 recruiters and 45,000 candidates)
Fees normally run 20-32% of the annual salary depending upon job requirements and complexity.
If you need to find a person for that job order we can help!

Ferris & Associates*
399 N 117th St Suite 313*
Omaha, NE* US * 68154